A visual column

In Design, IDS on January 26, 2011 at 9:41 am

Larry Buchanan launched his new column, appropriately titled “A visual column,” in the IDS today. His inspiration was “How the Recession Changed Us” from The Atlantic.

Larry scoured the IU Fact Book for interesting information and translated what he found into graphs. Here’s what he came up with.
















Here’s a closer look at some of the graphs.













It’s a thing of beauty. This is a smart way to convey a lot of data in a digestible format. Readers can skim it to get an overall idea of how campus has changed or really stop to think about a specific fact. The sad truth is that college students (and probably most readers) want to skim. Just think about how you read the paper. If you’re like me, you skim the whole thing and read the stories that interest you. So why do we fear ASFs? Is it because we don’t get to showcase our writing? Maybe it’s because we think ASFs are less clip-worthy. Hopefully this column will inspire you to try something new. Let’s start thinking about data (and stories about data) in a new way.

  1. Love this. There’s no way I would read a 600+ word story about all of this, but I found all of the information really interesting and easily accessible in this format. Well done.

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