Hearst: Opinion Winner

In Awards, Hearst, Inside on December 29, 2010 at 2:04 pm

A huge congrats to Caitlin Johnston. She recently won first place for opinion writing in the Hearst Journalism Awards Program! Her essay, “The home front,” ran in Inside’s Identity Issue.

Caitlin Johnston (INSIDE)

Blake’s confidence reassures me. But sometimes my mind wanders, and I imagine ways I would react if he died. I see my mom showing up unexpectedly at my apartment. Sometimes I collapse like they do in the movies. Other times I’m silent, unable to comprehend what’s happening.

I know it’s morbid. Still, the scenes seep into my mind. It’s like my subconscious is trying to prepare me, as if the grief would be more manageable with a script to follow.

Being a journalist makes it worse. I know how the media would handle Blake’s death. Our local paper would run a memorial story: “Hometown hero dies in Afghanistan.” If it’s a slow news day, they might run his photo. Friends would share stories from Little League and lament his youth. And then the world would move on. Because soldiers die every day in the desert 7,000 miles away.


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