Runway, circus, tent city

In IDS on December 2, 2010 at 6:51 am

I think today is my favorite day of Dunn Meadow stories. Why? Because the way we told the story was just a little different. It asked a basic question: What is Dunn Meadow? Then, the reporter answered it with an introduction (a nice scene-setting description) and several SHORT sections. Dunn Meadow is a runway, a circus, and a tent city.


Dunn Meadow is cold and white.

The first snow of the season is beginning to cover the grass.

In the fall, dead pine needles spread across sections of sidewalk and collect on the surface of the Jordan River, forming a layer of foliage so thick that squirrels readying for winter can safely walk on the water without sinking.

In warmer months, the meadow is filled with sun bathers and students reading and studying in the shade of trees.

It often plays host to games of Frisbee or intramural Gaelic hurling matches. Even now, pet owners brave the weather to walk their dogs.

Rain or shine, IU students and Bloomington residents enjoy Dunn Meadow for what it is — a meadow.

But, throughout the past century, it has been many other things.

I still think the series needed a news hook, but the reporters did a nice job taking a normal plot of land and look at its roots. What did you think of the stories?


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