Veterans Day

In Design, IDS, Multimedia on November 11, 2010 at 5:06 pm

Congratulations, Biz Carson and Tom Miller! The 21st Century Soldiers project turned out fantastic. Check out the content that ran in the IDS.


The finger that flips through the textbook used to rest on a trigger.  The hand that rises in class to ask a question once saluted an officer. The feet that walk through Dunn Meadow used to patrol door to door in Iraq.

Hundreds of student veterans walk among us on this campus. They sit next to you in Spanish, behind you in W131 or in front of you in finite.

We remember the troops. We remember the war. But we’ve forgotten the soldier.

The nation never welcomed these men and women home. There isn’t a victory to celebrate. There still isn’t an end in sight.

These soldiers come and go through the classrooms in Bloomington, just small drops in the ocean of students.

You wouldn’t look twice if you passed one on the street. You probably already have.

These are 21st Century Soldiers.

Also, click through the multimedia component.

What did you think of the final project? Share your thoughts.

  1. Overall, this was amazing. It is a great look at the real impact of the war on our generation.

    Technically, however, there could have been a few minor fixes that could have really taken this to the next level. The video files were slow loading for me, there were some formatting issues online and just a few code things that could have been tightened up. I think that would have been great. I’m not trying to take away from the project, it’s fantastic, but I feel like a few tiny things could have been altered. Also I noticed that in the WEEKEND story about video games, Tom used the same quotes that Biz used in her stories. Not a huge problem, but it was pretty noticeable.

    But overall, A++. GREAT work. Fantastic look at Veteran’s Day.

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