Hearst: Students share secrets on bathroom stall walls

In Awards, Hearst, IDS on November 8, 2010 at 10:24 am

Last year Rachel Stark placed second in the Hearst opinion writing category for “Students share secrets on the bathroom stall walls.” The story won several other awards, including first place for editorials through CSPA. The deadline for opinion writing is at the end of November. Happy writing!


One afternoon I walked into the stall to see yet another note had been added to the top of the graffiti circle. It was written in the same handwriting as the initial message, in the same color pen.

“I’m getting help at CAPS – thank you all!”

Intrigued and inspired, I wanted to find anyone who knew something about this bathroom forum.

And so my search began.

My first stop, naturally, was the Counseling and Psychological Services on campus. I was well aware that the counselors couldn’t just supply me with a name of a client.

But maybe I could clue the counselors in on my story, and if they knew the bathroom stall girl, they could see if she would want to talk to me. A long shot, but I had to try.

“Well, that is a very unusual story,” an administrator from CAPS said to me on the phone. She was willing to pass the request along to her staff, and hoped it would lead to something. I thanked her, and then anxiously awaited her return phone call for days.
I got nothing.

But each time I went back to read the writings on the bathroom stall, something inside of me told me to keep trying.


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