Election Day

In Design, IDS on November 2, 2010 at 10:08 am

It’s every journalist’s favorite and least favorite day of the year – election day! Take a look at some of the stories that ran in the IDS today. If you’re following the election coverage, post your thoughts on what we’ve done well and how we can improve.


  • It’s simple. Readers can quickly browse the candidates and learn a little bit about each of them.
  • It’s so much better than a long, text-heavy story about election day.
  • It could be used as a voter’s guide.
  • Lots of plusses to the website and extra election coverage.
  • At first I thought that the location blurbs – “Will be in Indianapolis on Tuesday” – were somewhat pointless. Then I saw this one:  “Will be at Kilroy’s on Kirkwood on Tuesday.” I love any mention of $2 Tuesdays.


  • No mention of election day on the front page. Readers might have interpreted this as just another election story.
  • No mention of the issues. Would this graphic have worked better/the same/worse if the IDS had listed information about the issues?

I also liked this ASF about how and where to vote.












What do you think? What would you have liked to see on the front page today? Do you like the election coverage?

  1. I liked the quick blurb on finding out where your polling station is. Seeing as I had no idea I needed to vote in Assembly Hall, it was pretty useful.

    I wish there would be have been a breakdown by issues. Give readers a quick rundown and simple takeaways.

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