Happy Halloween

In Design, Weekend on October 28, 2010 at 5:30 am

Thank you, Weekend, for teaching me how to survive a zombie apocalypse! This is one of the coolest packages I’ve seen in a long time. Nice, funny copy by the Weekend writers and clever art by the Buchanan brothers.


If you go here, you’ll live

Eigenmann Hall — The residence center has a C-store with nonperishable foods as well as a kitchen. It also has Outdoor Adventures where you can find weapons — bows and arrows and such.

Apartments on Kirkwood — A lot of the apartments above restaurants on Kirkwood have hidden staircases. If you could find an apartment with two exits and a way to get to the roof, you’d be solid.

Fire station — Fire stations have all the necessities plus big fire trucks that you can trick out into massive zombie-killing machines. Block off all the sides of the truck and use the roof or eyeholes to shoot zombies as you go. And feel free to grab some guns from the police station.

If you go here, you’ll die

Kilroy’s — You’ve seen “Shaun of the Dead;” therefore, you know bars aren’t a good place to hideout. There are no weapons, there’s no substantial food and there’s the bro in the corner who’s talking about how he laid some zombie chick the night before. Do not go there.

Ballantine/Wells Library — Both buildings are huge and have numerous places to hide, but they don’t have enough food, weapons or other essentials. Wells would be a better fit, with the cafeteria in the basement and the food kiosk on the first floor, but unless you want to kill zombies with a pile of books, I’d head somewhere else.

A basement — You might think locking yourself down in a basement with a bunch of provisions is a good idea, but you’re putting yourself in an inescapable corner. Basements only have one exit, and zombies can sometimes be smarter than you think, especially if they’re the diseased-ridden ones and not the slow, dead ones.

I love this section because everything is tied to campus. Even the trading cards were designed to depict “the zombies of Bloomington.” This one was my favorite:

Dude Who Jogs Shirtless on Campus in the Middle of the Day Zombie
The same self-confidence and uber-aggressive nature that allows him, dripping with sweat, to push past you as you’re walking to class will make him a successful zombie. As the saying goes, hunting man-flesh is 10 percent skill and 90 percent attitude. Plus, his ability to ignore the crowds of people that his jogging route takes him through so he can show off his abs translates directly to an ability to ignore the sunlight that’s melting his skin as he chases you down.


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