Two memorials

In IDS on October 22, 2010 at 10:30 am

The IDS ran two memorial articles today. Alex Benson’s story about a professor who died of Parkinson’s disease ran on the front page. Caitlin Johnston wrote about the death of the IU Art Museum’s head photographer. Her story ran on page 4.


A photo of Harvey Phillips, distinguished professor emeritus and life-long tuba player, hangs on the wall of his protege, professor of tuba Dan Perantoni.

It hangs with other well-known, but now deceased musicians.

Phillips, 80, died in his home Wednesday of Parkinson’s disease.

Perantoni said the musician did for tuba what Bob Knight did for Indiana basketball — positively speaking.

“Phillips was the busiest tuba player — ever,” Perantoni said.


Michael Cavanagh knew how to capture the soul of a piece of art.

“He was able to take these complicated works of art and turn them into new works of art,” said Linda Baden, associate director of editorial services for the IU Art Museum.

“You might not be as struck by it in the gallery as you are through his photographs.”
The head photographer at the museum died Tuesday morning after suffering a heart attack.

He was 55.

How do we decide which deaths to run on P1? Do you think it was appropriate to run one story across the top of the front page and another inside? How would you play the stories?


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